Investors are taking the first steps to take advantage of the new tax rules

Investors are starting to take the first moves to take up the new rules in a bid to make a more profitable investment.

The new tax regime means that companies that have held investment property for more than 18 months will no longer be taxed on capital gains earned by people who bought it from them before the end of 2019.

In an effort to help small businesses and small investors who have been hit hard by the economic downturn, a number of major investment banks are offering advice on how to sell their properties.

However, the advice will not help many people, as most people will not have a property for the full 18 months they would normally be able to claim capital gains.

Instead, it is aimed at people with assets in a property that was purchased in the previous year.

There are a number other steps that can help those who have already sold a property and are in need of help.

For example, some people may be able access the capital gains tax relief from their old business, while others will be eligible for a refund of the tax they paid in the first place.

It is hoped that these new measures will help people in the future as they try to sell and put their assets into a suitable investment property.