Open Interest

What Is Open Interest ?

Open interest is the total number of outstanding derivative contracts, such as options or futures that have not been settled for an asset. The total open interest does not count, and total every buy and sell contract. Instead, open interest provides a more accurate picture of the options trading activity, and whether money flows into the futures and options market are increasing or decreasing.

Topics to be covered in course

  • Open Interest
  • Difference Between Open Interest & Volume
  • Long Buildup , Short Buildup
  • Short Covering, Unwinding
  • Option Chain Analaysis (INTRADAY EOD )
  • Finding Support & Resistance Using Open Interest (EOD)
  • Best Stock Selection Procedure For Intraday
  • Call Writing in Stocks & Index
  • Breakout , Breakdown Using Open Interest
  • Money Management

Note – Suitable for having 5 lac Capital .


FEES – 10,000 /-