Gann Analysis

Gann Theory is a popular style of analysis that looks at patterns and repeatable price action based on time. Gann theory predicts the movement of stocks after taking into account the past, present and future of the markets.By analyzing and assessing the information of the different period including the short-term market highs and long-term market highs, angles are drawn to determine the future market trend.

Gann was a believer that mathematical relationships and geometrical angles can predict the future price movements.


Topics to be covered in course

  • Swing Trading in Stock
  • Index and Option Trading
  • Dynamic Bar Cycle
  • Octave Theory
  • Quadrent Trading For Index
  • Gann Natural Time Cycle Analysis
  • Gann Dynamic Time Cycle Analysis
  • Gann Time Cycle using Moon Phases
  • Trade Secrets of Gann Square of 9
  • Options Trading using Gann Theory
  • Trading Using Gann Angles
  • How to Identify Reversal using Gann Rules
  • Trading Gann Emblem Price and Time
  • Price Time Squaring for Trend Reversal for Stock, Index
  • Trading using Gann Circle Stock, Index

Note – Suitable for those having 10 Lac Capital


FEES – 35,000/-

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