How to invest in bitcoin in a simple way

Investor and technology guru Jeff Bezos has been on a buying spree in the bitcoin world and now has an option to invest with the digital currency.

In his new book, Bezos explains that he bought 100 bitcoin at $5,500 last year and sold the coins to raise $250 million.

He said he is now the first bitcoin investor.

The book, which has just been released on Amazon, includes a wealth of bitcoin investment information, but Bezos’ book offers a unique view into bitcoin in the real world.

“If you don’t want to know how to buy bitcoin, you should just invest in it,” Bezos wrote.

“I don’t have to go to a bank or stock exchange.

And you can buy bitcoin at a discount because you’re buying from an entity that is a private entity.”

The book details a simple, two-step process to invest bitcoin.

You will need to register with a bitcoin wallet that will hold the digital coins.

You can then purchase bitcoins from one of the more than 100 bitcoin exchanges in the US and buy them from an accredited investor.

You can then buy the bitcoin with cash, credit cards or bitcoin-denominated checks.

The process is simple: The investor will get the bitcoin and the money is transferred to their bank account or credit card account.

The first step to buying bitcoin is to use the “wallets for sale” option in the online investing platform Bittrex.

You will need a Bittex account to purchase bitcoins.

In the process, the bitcoin wallet you create will be transferred to your account.

You need to set up an account on Bittx.

You have until August 15 to create a Bitrex account.

The account holder must be at least 18 years old and can only buy and sell bitcoin.

BittEX also offers a way to invest your bitcoin without a Bittex account.

If you do not have a Biterx account, you can use BittX to buy and store bitcoin.

Bittrex is not the only online wallet to accept bitcoin.

Many other financial services offer bitcoin, and Coinbase has been the largest bitcoin exchange.

The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, a Delaware-based investment firm, is the second largest bitcoin wallet.

“This new way to purchase bitcoin allows you to buy, store and transfer bitcoin quickly and securely without going to a financial institution,” BittEx said in a statement.

“As more and more investors and bitcoin enthusiasts buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the value of bitcoin and blockchain technology is going to continue to grow.”

A new bitcoin investor with a BITEX account can buy 1,000 bitcoins, or a total of about $250,000.

Bezos says the $250-million he has bought has been invested in bitcoin.

The book also details his investment strategy in a section called “The Biggest Bitcoin Opportunity in the World.”